The Plastic Jungle

Ch 5 Decision Points

as seen by Ruin...

Penny Bantalore contacted Flit, Ruin, and Davina about a run. We were sent to an Ork bar in the barrens to meet Mr. Johnson. The ork staff and patrons treated us 3 humans quite rudely. We met Mr. Johnson, who we later found out had a sawed off shotgun trained on us the whole time.

Mr. Johnson needed us to do recon work. Our task was to find out the contents of 3 shipping containers that would either be on a docked boat or in a warehouse next to the boat. He’d provide “overwatch” via drones.

After this meeting Flit dealt with some personal business and had a run in with Ancients. Davina and Ruin stayed at the bar and saw Diamond Eyes and a gang of Kabuki Ronin causing a commotion. Ruin recorded some of what the KR were boasting to Diamond Eyes. He doesn’t know Japanese and needs to get it translated.

The runners met in front of a krispy kreme shop near the docks and approached the target. Davina did a stealthy recon of the situation and Ruin astrally projected and checked out the boat. We found out there were 2 people in the boat’s control tower and 10 below decks. We reconvened and came up with a plan to enter.

Ruin turned Davina invisible while he astrally projected and followed her, keeping her invisible the whole time. Flit stayed back and watched Ruin’s body and kept an eye on the boat. Davina boarded the boat and found one of the shipping containers below decks. Ruin determined that one of the normal seeming humans on the 2nd deck was actually an aspected mage who was masking his aura.

Mr. Johnson warned us of several vehicles approaching.

Flit caused a distraction with grenades and gunfire, Davina added to the distraction with a flashbang. The approaching vehicles were scared away. Then Davina opened the shipping container and photographed the contents: brushes and tubes.

Davina slipped past the distracted boat crew and headed to the warehouse where the other 2 shipping containers were. None of the crew had a clue where she was except one guy, who shot her at close range with his pistol, giving her 6 stun damage and a nasty bruise on her torso.

She made it to the warehouse and got to work opening and looking inside the 2 other shipping containers. Ruin called in a few spirits to distract the boat crew and join in the fight. Flit picked off several sailors at long range with her rifle. The aspected magician ripped apart Ruin’s spirit of man with several lightning bolts. Ruin’s spirit of fire BBQ kept the boat crew inside the warehouse busy, causing several to run away in fear.

Davina dodged dozens of bullets blindly fired at her and finally got both containers open and photographed. One had more brushes and a vat of chemicals. Eventually there were only 2 sailors left, who surrendered. Davina had them drop their weapons and go prone. The group hastily made their exit, leaving behind most of the boat crew dead or afraid.

Mr. Johnson arranged to meet teh group back at the ork bar. The runners were paid 3000 nuyen each, and gained 3 karma.


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