The Plastic Jungle

Slowly We Turn

As seen by Ruin

The characters…

  • Ruin, a male Chinese human mage
  • Davina, a female Scottish human adept, specializing in sneaking
  • Fiit, a Transgender human street samurai
  • Bam Bam, a gender fluid dwarven adept, specializing in demolitions
  • Zig Zag, a male elven street samurai

Feel free to edit this if there are any inaccuracies or if it missed anything…


Mr. Johnson contacted Flit, Ruin and Davina again and wanted us to meet at the same Ork bar as last run, “The Hole in the Wall”.

While heading there, Ruin’s uber was held up. 3 Ancients with assault rifles robbed the vehicle. Ruin resisted at first, creating an illusion of the cops and turning invisible and trying to escape. The illusion was easily seen through. The three of them fired on automatic at Ruin, but miraculously he avoided injury. He then thought better of resisting and surrendered. They took his remaining comlink, a 500 nuyen credstick, his pistol, and restraints. Ruin bought a burner phone quickly afterwards so he could stay in touch with the team.

This hasn’t been the only incident with Ancients lately. Flit got held up last game. Something is afoot with that gang.

The group bought some weapons. 4 flashbangs for Davina, and a Colt 75 light pistol for Ruin.

At the Hole in the Wall the bartender was as unfriendly as ever, and we met Mr Johnson who once again had a shotgun pointed at us while negotiating. With him were Bam Bam and Zig Zag, who he introduced as in the same field as our team.

The run this time was more complex. He wanted us to find an AmerInd trucker named Walker. Walker has been known to hang out at Finres Naucht, a bar in Tacoma. He would drive to a secure facility owned by Shiawase Industries near Mt. Rainier with the same cargo we investigated last run. He’d arrive in 2 days. Our job was to enter the facility, collect one reagent from the place and plant a briefcase at the lowest level. The briefcase was rigged with explosives. We were offered 6k each for the run, which we upped to 7k after some aggressive bargaining.

PHASE 2 – AT THE BAR “Finres Naucht”

The group went directly to the bar Finres Naucht. Flit disguised herself as an American Indian woman. Flit, Ruin and Davina entered the bar, staggering their entrance to make them look, unconnected. Bam Bam and Zig Zag stayed in the car.

The bar seemed to cater to the magically active. At least half the people there were magically aware. Being the only AmerInd, Walker was easy to spot and Flit took a seat next to him. She planted several stealth RFID tags on him as well as in his drink. She flirted. Checking his aura showed Walker was pretty drunk and had liver problems. Eventually Walker got so excited by Flit that he tried to embrace and kiss her. She wanted no part of it, and Walker got pretty upset by that. Walker made his way to the exit and we noticed that several people in the bar were keeping tabs on him.

He exited through the rear. Now we could see Walker’s truck and see him walking towards it. A bunch of guys ambushed him. There were 2 inside the bar and 2 more outside. One guy tried to tackle Walker, but he shrugged it off. Two of the people turned into bears and pressed their attacks. Flit and Zig Zag did much of the fighting close in to Walker. Flit showed off her talent with parkour, guns, and her stun baton. Ruin called up BBQ his fire spirit to attack one of the bears. The spirit severely wounded him with some flames and the bear nearly defeated the spirit with a powerful magical melee attack. Bam Bam flanked the attackers from the side of the building, and on her way to do this found 2 more attackers. She traded automatic fire with one of the guys, taking him out. Zig Zag dodged burst after burst, while landing his own bullets exactly where he wanted. Davina laid low and planted some stealth tags on Walker’s truck. After 4 of the attackers had fallen (including both bears), the other 2 ran off.

Walker got in his vehicle and the group followed him from afar using a tag locator. Bam Bam modified the detonator on the briefcase to allow for remote detonation.

PHASE 3 – IN SALISH SIDHE (pr. “Sal-ish Shee”)

Walker drove straight to Salish Sidhe without pause. We realized we’d need to cross the border. Luckily Zig Zag knows a coyote who could get us an entrance pass (visa) for only 250 each. Guns would have cost 750 each, so we decided to not get a pass for those and instead smuggle them in Zig Zag’s car’s smuggling compartment.

We approached the border as a group. Flit, still disguised as an AmerInd, did most of the talking. She raised suspicion by not speaking their tribal language. She claimed Zig Zag was her boyfriend and they were going to visit family. Everyone acted like part of an entourage for a wedding and our story held up well enough so they let us through without searching the car.

After a few more hours we turned onto a dirt road and eventually Walker parked. Ruin did some astral reconnaissance and found more than one 4 legged dual natured creatures. They spotted him quickly and started howling. The group remembered that Walker said he had hell hounds as pets. We decided we were at Walker’s home and figured we should wait for him to deliver his cargo. We got lodging at one room of a motel and got some sleep.

In the morning Walker started driving again. He got back on I-90 and headed towards Mt. Rainier. We followed covertly and eventually he parked. We parked a mile or two away and looked w/ magnified vision at the facility. It was a nuclear power plant. Several people were helping Walker unload his truck.

Ruin went in astrally and found the place devoid of life the closer one got. It could have been pollution or toxic magic. Ruin wasn’t sure til he went all the way inside and discovered it was toxic magic generating huge background noise. Ruin saw 10 life forms inside, 3 of which were awakened. Ruin returned to his body and the group started coming up with a plan to enter.

Some ideas for the beginning of next session:

  • Ruin should summon a spirit or two to prepare for infiltration. His spell casting won’t be very helpful with all the background noise, so he’ll mainly be using his pistol and spirits.
  • Before going into the toxic area Ruin can cast and sustain some spells to help the group, such as improved reflexes or invisibility. Once we enter new spells will be difficult to pull off.
  • What was that cargo we saw last time that’s being delivered? Davina took some photos. Let’s show the photos to Bam Bam, who knows more about mechanical subjects than the rest of us. Maybe Bam Bam can tell us the significance.


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