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Dubious Dubai Day-Tripping

Bam-Bam and Jeeves ruminate on the last run!

Bam-Bam’s recollections on Jackpoint:

Oh, drek! That run sure didn’t go according to plan. I thought we had a pretty solid plan going in. Distract the guards, get the sweat-shop workers out, and then blow the place. Zig-zag attempted to create a distraction by climbing up on the roof and chucking a smoke grenade down the vent….why anybody would use smoke instead of a nice explosive grenade is beyond me, but hey…to each their own.

I started to place the explosives on the outside of the building while Echo was doing her decking stuff and Ruin was running around like a crazed old man. At least the racist bastard made me invisible was slinging dwarvish slurs my way.

I’m not real clear on what happened. All I know is all a sudden a bunch of dudes with guns and drones with automatic weapons showed up and started attacking Ziggy on the roof. He handled himself pretty well, but after I got the last bomb placed I helped him down a couple of guys. Right around then Ruin showed up. He was giggling maniacally with a little drool running down his chin (scout’s honor!) as he mana bolted the shit outta some guys.

Well. I figured it was time to get out of there. Headed to the van. While trying to get my blood thirsty employees to get in the van so we could leave, some drek head started messing with my little darlings. The bastard killed at least one of my girls before I was able to switch to an auto count down.

Zig-zag was saying something about his sword while running into walls. Not sure what that was all about, but I eventually was able to get everybody into the van and we took off. Only then, did I realize that my buddy Casey hadn’t got in the damn van? I guess he wandered off on his own, the lunkhead. I swear with friends like these, who needs enemies huh? Well, we got turned around and picked him up and while driving away my babies did their job. While not my best work of art, riding the shockwave as we drove away was a blast. I dropped my compatriots off at the lat Flit’s apartment and went to get my payday! Well, that’s another whole story.

From the Journal of Peter Green Wodehouse:

I made it to Seattle today. I was just supervising the unloading of the last of the equipment from the MSC Cordoba when I was alerted to death of my precious Flit via a deadman’s switch. I was unable to protect her, just as I couldn’t protect her dear mother. Well, when protection has failed…the only thing left is revenge. I will gain revenge on whom ever or what ever was responsible for her death.

I made hast to Flit’s apartment. Thankfully Flit sent me a copy of her access codes. I was just finishing investigating her apartment when I heard somebody outside the front door. I drew my sidearm. The door opened and in walked Flit’s associates. I recognized the woman. She was the one to whom Flit left the apartment…Echo is her name. It appeared that their work had not gone well. The old mage was with Echo and they were carrying the elf swordsman.
I made them comfortable while trying to decide what to do. Discretion is the better part of valour, and I decided the best course would be to follow them in hopes that I can find out what really happened to Miss Flit.
The group indicated a need to travel to Dubai in search of a geisha of I had traveled there once before with Miss Flit’s family and I offered my services as a guide. Miss Echo contacted a gentleman named Massad about transport to Dubai. I gathered the geisha played no small part in Flit’s demise. I eagerly look forward to discussing the matter with her.

Master Massad arranged for a flight to Dubai. We arrived early in the evening. The first thing we did was to acquire local clothing. It is always best to blend in when possible. We arranged lodging at the Majestic Hotel and then made our way to the Chi at the Lodge to set a trap for the geisha.


Hey, Mike! Sorry that Bam-Bam was trash talking Ruin so much, but he really didn’t like being called a racial slur! ;)

Dubious Dubai Day-Tripping

No worries. I forget what slur I called Bam Bam, though I’m sure I did. Maybe “stuntie” since it was a recent addition to my SR slang?

“He was giggling maniacally with a little drool running down his chin …”

Ruin’s bearded, so no one would have seen drool on his chin. He might have drooled on his beard, though.

Dubious Dubai Day-Tripping

Awesome in character stuff. Definite Burn edge and 2 karma for Carson. Burn edge for Ruin

Dubious Dubai Day-Tripping

Very nice writeup Jeff. We’ll have to collectively recollect the very last event at the Chi. I remember I hid my AR in a trabajar bin near the club and that some of us are already inside.

Dubious Dubai Day-Tripping
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