The Plastic Jungle

Hanging with Miss J

Flit's Shopping List

Flit casually pushed her way to the front of the line outside the Lusty Leopard ignoring the shouts and whines of the teeny boppers and wannabes. She approached the broad double doors with the neon cat flickering in the dark Seatle night. With a grin and wink, she passed a credstick to the looming bouncer, Theo, before slinking into the club.

Damn..Theos looking good, I might have to take him for a spin one of these nights she thought as the music washed over her in a wave. Without a second thought, her body began to move to the music as she crossed to the back of the club. She easily picked out Miss J’s shoulder length neon blue hair. Miss J sat alone in a booth casually sipping a drink, her fingers tapping the table in time with the thrumming beat of the music. As usual, she had a small half smile on her face as she scanned the room. Almost as if she was seeing things that nobody else saw.

Flit slid sensually into the booth greeting Miss J with a warm smile.
“Hey, girl. Great to see you,” Flit said in a low smokey voice while leaning in to brush her lips across Miss J’s cheek. “How’s business?”
“Wiz. Flit.” Miss J returned the smile. “I was glad to hear from you. It’s been a while. Is this business or pleasure,” Miss J asked resting her chin on the palm of one hand.
“Can’t it be both?” Flit’s smile turned mischevious. “But, business first I guess. I need you to find some items for me. Some of it may be a little hard to come by…but I know you relish a challange.”
“ know me so well. Let’s see it.”

With a small mental nudge Flit sent the pre-generated list of merchandise to Miss J’s commlink. Miss J read through the list. Her lips pursed in thought her delightful ice blue eyes seemed to stare off into distance. Flit knew her well enough by now to tell she was running through lists of suppliers and inventory in heard. Flit waved over a waitress and ordered a margarita while she waited.

After a few minutes, Miss J. looked up at Flit, “Most of this should be doable….I don’t think I have a lead on the Mil-spec armor right now. That will have to wait. All in all this should cost you 33,400¥”
“I figured the armor was a long shot,” Flit answered. “We have a deal.” Flit mentally transfered over the nuyen plus a little extra to sweeten the deal. “Now that we have the business done should we have a little fun?” She asked raising an eyebrow at Miss J.
“Intriguing. What did you have in mind?” Miss J asked leaning over to take a sip from Flit’s glass, her shoulder lightly brushing against Flit’s arm. Flit let out a low chuckle as she grabbed Miss J’s hand and pulled her out of the booth onto the dance floor.
“Let’s start with dancing and see where the night takes us…”


Heads up, perfect way to do a down time write up!

Hanging with Miss J
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