The Plastic Jungle

Into the Dark

As Seen by Ruin

The characters…

Ruin, a male Chinese human mage
Davina, a female Scottish human adept, specializing in sneaking
Fiit, a Transgender human street samurai
Bam Bam, a gender fluid dwarven adept, specializing in demolitions
Zig Zag, a male elven street samurai

Feel free to edit this if there are any inaccuracies or if it missed anything…

Phase 1 – Infiltration

The group talked over their plan and finally decided to approach the place at night. By this time Walker had moved into one of the two nuclear power plant silos. Ruin summoned a strong air spirit to conceal their infiltration. He also turned himself and Bam Bam invisible.

The group spotted two main buildings and the two nuclear silos. They decided to approach the larger of the two buildings, guessing that the other building was a control center. The characters who weren’t invisible wore chameleon suits. We approached stealthily, sounded no alarms, and Davina picked the lock for us to enter. We explored a bit and Flit easily knocked out a worker who almost spotted us with her stun baton. Ruin found a credstick and a wallet with ID in one locker.

We found access to lower levels and Davina used the fallen worker’s keycard to enter a large chamber holding chemsuits. The door closed quickly. Flit and Ruin opened the door again and rapidly entered, but this time something went wrong. Using the same card twice on the door triggered some sort of alarm. Soon enough 4 workers with submachine guns approached and spotted us through the windows.

Phase 2 – They Spotted Us!

These 4 guys were not difficult to fight, though the armor plate window they had for cover was not easy to penetrate. The group shot them and cast spells until 2 had fallen and 2 more were running away. We tried to pursue, but found out that the door only worked in one direction. We needed to be outside the room to open the door. Ruin levitated one of their passkeys and swiped it through the maglock, opening the door. Flit, Zigzag, Ruin and Bam Bam chased the fleeing people, while Davina hung back and opened the entrance to the lower level and entered it.

Zig Zag was in the lead of the chase and he heard some footsteps. Turns out it was reinforcements from upstairs coming to attack us. A firefight erupted between us and 3 more workers. Ruin blasted all 3 with a strong Toxic Wave. Their mage tried to hex Zigzag, but Ruin counterspelled the attempt. The group shot up the 3 guards within a few seconds. Meanwhile, Flit saw one of the fleeing workers. He panicked and couldn’t find out how to open the exit door while Flit killed him with gunfire.

We knew we had one opponent left and Zigzag and Ruin ascended the stairs. They were ambushed by the remaining worker and ZigZag took a nasty gunshot wound. Flit saved us by flanking the guard and taking him out with another burst. Bam Bam trapped the entrances to the building to prepare for more reinforcements.

We searched the upper level of the building and found living quarters, but little of interest. Davina called out for backup on her subvocal mic. The group joined Davina downstairs.

Phase 3 – Below

Davina had seen something moving in the dark, but nothing obvious was living down there. We found a supply room where we gathered shovels and containers to help harvest reagents.

We explored the lower level and found that the nuclear silos continued underground. We found large glowing radioactive vats and ramps covering a lower area. We found stairs down, and a small section between the 2 silos that had reagents, yet didn’t have the high background count of the silos. This area was special. It had both the toxic reagents and mixed in was something Draconic. There are a sort of ley lines associated with dragons, and we had stumbled onto one. We saw a passage springing off from this area which the ley ran down. We didn’t dare explore down there. Also we kept seeing the logo of the Draco corporation.

We stayed in the lower level between the 2 silos and Davina, Bam Bam and Ruin worked on harvesting a dram of reagents while Flit and Zig Zag stood guard. After 2 hours we successfully gathered one dram. Bam Bam left the bomb in one of the silos and set the timer for 10 minutes.

Phase 4 – Exfiltration

Just as we were leaving, we were attacked by three ghastly creatures. There was a huge ork with a combat axe, another ork with a sword, and some sort of goblinoid creature who turned out to be a toxic shaman. All of these foes had the Draco corporation logo on their skin. Davina, Flit and Zig Zag did most of the fighting at first while Bam Bam and Ruin hurried to catch up.

The lead ork with the axe took down Zig Zag with a single mighty blow, but was ripped apart pretty much instantly by automatic gunfire. The shaman threw a power bolt at Davina, wounding her. Ruin commanded his air spirit into the fight and it took on the shaman at close range with its elemental attack. The ork with the claymore waited around the corner. Davina approached the corner, and the ork charged her, nearly chopping her in half with his sword. She was unconscious and just barely alive. The shaman and ork fell soon after.

While all this was going on, one of the silo walls crumbled and through it pushed a deformed toxic dragon, which apparently thrived in the polluted environment. We never thought toxic dragons existed until now! It spat corrosive acidic goo at Bam Bam, but she dodged. The dragon awkwardly climbed through the silo, following the group as they ran. Luckily it couldn’t follow for long due to the small doorways.

Bam Bam carried Zig Zag and her and Flit made it out of the silo. Meanwhile, Ruin was left to carry Davina, and he hobbled along in the rear, barely moving under the load. Flit came to the rescue and took Davina from Ruin. The group made it away safely, and Flit gave Zig Zag and Davina some first aid. That seemed close to a TPK for a minute there!

Wall had explained something to Davina. There was a mana storm in our area. After it passed for an hour after all manner of reagents and awakened beings would be in the area. The mana storm was happening while we were inside the nuclear facility. Now maybe we can see the results afterwards?

In game time, we began this at around 11 am or noon, started infiltrating at 6 pm, and got back to our vehicles at around 9 pm.


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