The Plastic Jungle

It's too damn hot here...

Dubai, outside of the Chi lounge.

I already miss Seattle’s weather, the tingle of the acid rain on my skin, the cool wind from the Ocean. Here, it’s scolding hot and still air to boot. Fortunately, all the buildings have AC but as soon as you head out, it’s a like a solid curtain of hot air. The robes we are wearing are Ok for airflow, and the white reflects a good part of the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it like my leathers would (I’d be chaffing really bad if I still wore those, but right now I just have my chameleon suit under the local garb). Nice touch, these armored robes actually have large hidden opening slots so you can shoot without punching holes through ’em :).

With the heat it’s hard to keep my mind on the game. We arrived at the Chi lounge a little while ago. Echo and I came in as the VIP’s who rented one of the secure rooms (well, she’s the VIP, I’m the bodyguard). I hid my Assault Rifle in a garbage bin outside (strategically located between the Lounge and the hotel). We’re keeping an eye for “Sandal” but haven’t found her yet. Ruin’s spirit hasn’t been able to locate here either… I hope it’s not another red herring she’s sent us on. For each of them, I’m cutting an additional limb when we find her. First one’s for Flit, and it’s gonna hurt a bit!


quanhill booga

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