The Plastic Jungle

Manservant or Man at Arms?

Echo's ruminations

I have a butler. He was Flit’s butler. His name is Carson, and he’s attentive and focused on me. It’s like having a stalker who does chores and runs errands.

I think Carson is joining us so he can get answers and exact revenge over Flit’s death. He came with us to Dubai. This is my first time here and I hate it. The locals were staring daggers at me, as part of my neck and hair were exposed. You’d think I was doing yoga naked on the sidewalk.

We’ve spent half our time here looking for a jalabeya (a traditional long-sleeved full-length dress) and a shayla (a black scarf to drape over my head). What a hassle. I have to say, it’s roomy and easy to hide stuff underneath it all.

Currently we are at the Chi at the Lodge Nightclub looking for our thief/geisha impostor. Ruin has his spirits searching for her. Security here at the night club is tight. It’s going to take a few clever moves to pull this off. Our mission is to get the Coin of Luck. What we really want is to capture the woman and others complicit in Flit’s death.


Burn Edge. Nice write up!

Manservant or Man at Arms?
quanhill DJD

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