The Plastic Jungle

Stronger, faster

Zig-Zag had a buttload of Nuyens in his credsticks and a few weeks to spend them. That was easy: new armor, new Oni-faced ballistic mask, a couple gizmos. Check. But something was missing: After dropping when shot point-blank during our last altercation with the traitorous Johnson (Just business my elven arse), the elf decided he needed to be more resilient….

So he took an appointment with Dr Butcher, his favorite ripperdoc. The infamous surgeon had just what he needed for the job: Bone Density Augmentation. The Alphaware grade Nanotbots canister was just fresh out of “fallen from the truck,” and still sealed to boot. That would set ZZ back quite a bit, but would also improve the street samurai’s survival rate by a fat notch! So he bit the proverbial bullet (not literally this time) and got the treatment started.

After a couple uncomfortable weeks (it felt like growing bone spurs for a while, something Trolls are probably familiar with all their life), ZZ was 10 pounds of high-impact polymer heavier, something he’d have to train to compensate for during Parkour, gymnastics and martial arts. But it was way worth it. Not only could ZZ wince away most unarmed hits, but even a baseball bat strike would barely phase him. Bullets would be a different matter, but he had his new punk fashioned leather coat for that. The Bone Density Augmentation also had a nice perk: punching, kicking and head-butting was a lot more powerful now.

ZZ felt like he was ready to have another talk with our dear Mr Johnson: just business, of course.


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