Pysical Adept

A female Human Medium s 135lbs / 5’6”Ginger Hair / blue gray eyes / pale and skin. She is handsome with good facial structure. Thin but butch. Small butt and a C cup that she usually tries to minimize while she’s working. Usually wears simple clothing in black and other dark colors.

She was born in Glasgow, Scotland and is 28 years old. She’s an only child who never met her father but has a picture of him. She was raised by a single mother who loved her but couldn’t take care of her well due to that she was a drug addict. She had to grow up fast and often took the caregiver role for her mother, scraping what she could to get by when her mother couldn’t provide. She sends money to her mother back in Scotland when she can. She is single and has no children. Because of her slight butch appearance people assume she’s a lesbian but in reality she’s bi and leaning towards the more asexual part of the spectrum. There are very few people she is sexually attracted to but will use her sexuality to her advantage.

She attended Public School and a couple years at Uni but had to drop out due to her having to take care of her mother. Also the street where she would work odd jobs and committed petty theft to scrape by. In her late teens she met a friend who taught her what she needed to know to be a great thief. She was a call girl for a short time where she met some corporate drones and learned a little bit about how that runs.
She may have some slight socialist leanings but isn’t that political. Mostly she really hates English nationalists. She is nonreligious but her mother was a lapsed catholic that taught her some about it. She had a slight interest in celtic polytheism as a teenager but didn’t go much beyond that. She does think about looking more into it.
Before Shadowrunning Davina had a bunch of odd jobs including call girl, stripper, locksmith, thief, bartender, black market seller, Dominatrix and courier. She moved to Seattle because she needed a change of scenery and the prospect of earning more money. She mostly looks out for herself but is fiercely loyal to the few people she is close to. She has a soft spot for addicts and people living in poverty as well as animals. She is a feminist that doesn’t take bull shit. Dislikes people who are racists. She has no problem with beating up fascists.
Her goals is to survive in relative comfort and adventure. A sense of adventure and mild criminal past it was the next logical step if she was going to make some good money.

She’s aloof and guarded around new people and sometimes very blunt. Once she gets to know you she warms up. A bit arrogant in things she know she’s good at. Very curious and loves to learn new things. She has a thick skin but if you manage to hurt her she is a force to be reckoned with. She has a quick wit that sometimes get her in trouble but her actions are usually calculated but she will fight you when she has had too much to drink. She can be socially awkward when in a situation she isn’t familiar with.

What makes Davina special?
– Her loyalty to the people she cares about.
– Her will to survive.
– Her uncanny ability to sneak about unnoticed.
– Her quickness.
– She is also a pretty good singer but no one in America has heard her sing and she plans to keep it that way.
She loves many things:
-Alcohol. She’s a mild alcoholic but it doesn’t usually get in the way of work.
-Her mother and friends back home.
– A life of adventure.
– Sturdy black boots
– Fluffy cats
– Dive bars
– Old books
– Scotch eggs
– Comfy beds
– Well made plans
– History
– Elf guys and human women with thick thighs and butts.
– being a strong woman
– Acrobatics

This is what she hates?
-Hard Drugs/addiction, having seen firsthand what it does to people and community. Though she has experimented in her past she doesn’t want to go down that road. Alcohol obviously a love hate relationship.
– Guys being creepy
– People taking advantage of the weak and poor.
– being mean to animals.
– Large crowds of people
– having no money
– Kilts and Tartan
– crying
– being in the presence of most children
– Stereotypes
– Pineapple on pizza
– Not knowing something
– Being embarrassed.
She won’t do these:
– Assassinate or kill without reason or threat to self. Because it’s wrong.
– Take advantage of the weak and poor, because she has been there.
– Backstab her friends unless they violate her moral code.


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