Meatspace appearance: Thirty-something human female. Long raven hair with honey highlights, bottomless brown eyes, café au lait complexion. Always wearing glasses.

Matrix appearance: same, but a bit blue and ethereal. When she moves the lights trail behind her, as if you were watching her while on ecstasy. The light trails look like angel wings and a halo.


Echo was born SIN-less in Tacoma. Apparently she has no father. Her mother had a SIN, and could have acquired a SIN for Echo, but the pregnancy was a secret. Many years ago Echo’s mother worked for Ares Macrotech as a low level admin assistant. Then she moved to Tacoma five months before Echo was born. She raised Echo as a single parent, working as a miserably paid employee, an auditor at a Stuffer Shack. Despite the subsistence pay, they enjoyed a comfortable middle-class lifestyle. Echo never figured out where that extra nuyen came from. Was her mom moonlighting? Running shadow jobs? Or was her bio-dad supplementing their lifestyle?

When she reached adulthood, Echo never had trouble finding work. Sometimes it was honest work. Even when it wasn’t, she wasn’t often caught. When she was caught red-handed, she was usually able to talk herself out of getting into trouble. “Why no, officer. I have no idea how that (27 pound brick of) gold ended up in my coat pocket. I’m as surprised to see it there as you are.”

While they were dating she worked with Payback fencing “used” cyber parts. Her role in the deal was to negotiate the maximum price and to run interference, staying one step ahead of the authorities. She quit fencing when they broke up last year. It was a somewhat amicable breakup, but then again, his street name is Payback.

Maybe she just has one of those faces, but wherever she is, people have an easy time believing she belongs there. At times she has managed to casually walk up to target to get what she wants. Doesn’t always work, though. And sometimes it turned out to be a bad idea.

Meatspace is a real drag, so Echo spends a fair amount of time in Hot-Sim VR. A bit too much time, really. Lately she has been working as matrix support. If clients ask about her skills on the matrix, she leads them to believe she is a decker. She never uses the “T” word. Just tell her what the job is and she’ll get it done.



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