Street Samurai


Name/ AKA Templar is a Male Orc who is 6’2”. He is Bald with White eyes and tan skin


Name/ AKA Templar is a Male Ork who is 6’2”. He is Bald with White eyes and tan skin who loves to dress in Suits and well-polished for an Ork. He was born in Redmond and is 30 years old. He came from a poor family but has no family of his own. He was taught by Gangsters and mafia as a underling in the Yakuza. He has no political or religious beliefs and is pretty indifferent on the matter. Before entering the Shadowrun world he did smuggling jobs for the Bosses and got some nice rewards for it.

Templar has a morale code though. It’s to complete the job by any means. His goal is always to complete any task. Especially after the collapse of his Yakuza sect. He found steady work doing loud and proud jobs as a runner. Being distant ruthless and content, Templar was special due to his brute force Fighting nature. He loves killing and hates failing Jobs. There is nothing he won’t do.

He knew Kosuna through his time of Running in Redmond often ignoring her as a person during the mission due to her small and very obnoxious nature.


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