ThuleEdward Paul Green was Thule’s birth name. He has long shaggy blond hair, shoulder length, that is untidy and windswept. He has pale blue eyes and a thin goatee.


Thule is usually dishevelled. He dresses in wrinkled khakis and dress shirt. He looks like a low-level wage slave after a bender. He also wears an armored jacket over his clothes. Thule was born and raised in San Francisco. His parents were conservative business people who had a low level job working for Renraku. Thule followed in their footsteps, but his natural Matrix skills helped him land a job in Matrix Security for a small subsidiary of Ares, Dart Technologies. After finding some hidden files on the company Host implicating the CEO, Peter Gunderson, of embezzling Thule brought the information to his supervisor. John Hawkins, the supervisor, assured Thule he would take care of it. It turns out Hawkins used the information to blackmail the CEO. Thule was fired, under the auspices of poor job performance. He started taking freelance Matrix work (including running the shadows) to finance his life. Thule dreams of a day and age where people are honest and honourable, however, he realises that 2075 is not that time. He has become obsessed with finding and exposing secrets of the powerful. He chose the handle Thule, which was a term in medieval geographies that denoted any distant place beyond the borders of the known world, a term that he believes encapsulates where honour and justice are in the modern world.
Thule is 25.sHis father was human, and his mother was elven. His father, Eldin, was a low-level supervisor with Renraku, who took a fancy to Thule’s mother, Louisa. They married and shortly after Thule was born. Renraku executives were not happy that Eldin married an elf and Eldin’s career stalled. Eldin blamed his wife. He began to drink and was devastated when his son was born an elf. Soon Eldin was a full blown alcoholic and was fired from his job. Shortly thereafter Eldin committed suicide. Louisa supported the family. When Thule was fired for ‘poor job performance’ Louisa took it personally thinking that Thule was taking after his father. She had a major row with Thule, and they have not spoken since. And, No, and he doesn’t want a long-term partner or children . Thule was educated outside Renraku. His mother felt it important that Thule have a public education. He did well in school and was accepted to MIT&T where he studied Matrix Technology. After college, he started work at a Renraku subsidiary, Renshaw Shipping, before jumping ship to work for Dart Technologies.

He worked in a subsidiary of Ares located in Oakland doing matrix security. Thule is an atheist and a progressive liberal. He thinks that extraterritoriality for corporations was a horrible decision. He is jaded about the system and believes strongly that everything is skewed towards keeping the rich and powerful rich and powerful. He believes the Matrix is the best shot at evening the playing field and creating a better society.
Thule values life and wishes the world was a safe place for all people. However, he realises that his desires and the real world don’t match up. He prefers to use non-lethal strategies, but won’t hesitate to kill if the situation demands it (though he prefers to let others do the actual killing whenever possible). He has killed in the past, but he still gets a little sick to the stomach when forced to look at the aftermath (i.e. dead bodies or gore).
Thule dreams of a better future, one where justice reigns for all. He wants to help further this goal. He is collecting, storing, and occasionally disseminating data about corps, powerful/corrupt people, and the gov’t. When the time is right, he plans on using this information to bring down as many powerful people as possible.
Thule runs the shadows to survive. He was blacklisted by DART technologies and couldn’t find many legit jobs. Having started to work in the shadows, Thule now believes that this is the best method of collecting the information he needs to bring down his enemies.

Thule is quiet and aloof. He prefers to stay in the background and do his work rather than draw attention to himself. He does have a large heart, and if he forms a bond with friends, he will do whatever he can to help them. He doesn’t have an active social life in the meat world but does stay active in various matrix communities.
Thule is a good organiser and planner, especially in the Matrix. However, things rarely go as planned, so Thule has become good at improvising solutions. Thule is good at accepting people for who they are and working with people (even if he doesn’t like or agree with them…to him the job comes first).
Thule is bad at real world connection (conversations and stuff) and is very bad at saving money. Running in the Matrix is expensive, and Thule loves to have the latest gadgets.
Thule hates the state of the world. He hates what he sees as injustice and corruption. (Although, he does have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to himself. For instance, he didn’t think twice about making a deal to duplicate the data and sending it to a third party during the Renraku
Thule loves the Matrix and spends most of his time there. Aside from that, Thule is interested in history, art, and research.

After completing the run against Renraku Thule was more than a little embarrassed that his poor social skills almost compromised the team. At the end of downtime, the team received invites to see NERDprov, a local theatrical improve group, where to their surprise they saw Thule perform. (Spent 6 Karma to gain and increase Con to level 2).


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