Zig Zag

Street Samurai


Anton Kuzik, aka Zig-Zag, is a male Elf (Caucasian, Slavic origins). 6’3” with slender build. He has Blond hair, (green Mohawk), Green eyes and white skin.
Zigzag is tall, slender, and wiry. He has wide shoulders and narrow hips. A fairly muscular but not bulky body. Many scars and a huge LED tattoo covering his face and Skull around Mohawk (pattern and color can be changed is wireless).


Zig-Zag (born Anton Kuzik) was raised in the Plastic Jungle. His parents were humans, drifters who couldn’t afford to raise him, so they left him in the hands of the Ancients when he was just 5-year-old. He was small and agile, could fit in tight places, which made him perfect for casing places and minor burglary. Of course, being part of one of the bloodiest gangs in Seattle, he had to learn to fight as well. He was trained in using many kind of weapons: Swords, guns of all kinds, and martial arts. He was also trained in escaping in many ways: stealth, parkour, vehicles. He was pretty gifted, so he eventually graduated pretty soon to Gangster class, magna cum laude: at age 15, he was finally allowed to take the Ancients initiation tests, a series of very difficult and daunting tasks such as Razor Biking and Head Hurling events where he had to compete with other wannabes. He prevailed but still has the scars and initiation ‘ttoos to show for it.
He was also raised with the pro-metahuman, pro-elven philosophy of the Ancients. He learned to speak Sperethiel fluently, how to move with the grace of his folks, and prefer finesse over brute force. He got his first augments early on and quickly realized that metal is better than meat.

Notable events that occurred during his early years with the Ancients (plot hooks):
 Was almost killed during a fight with the Emerald Dogs during a turf war
 Mentor: Ebelel, a martial arts adept who took ZZ under her wing.
 Barely escaped after stealing valuable documents from a Humanis Policlub location: grudge against him
 Romance with one of the older Ancients (boy/girl? ZZ is Bi). Love interest was killed by corporation of your choice during run: ZZ hates them and vowed to take revenge.

At 18, he was admitted into Belial’s inner circle as a bodyguard, one of his Paladins. He was the youngest Ancient to be admitted in such a position. That’s when he adopted the code of honor that he still follows, that he found in an old book, written by 12th century French poet Chrétien de Troyes: “Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart”. The story described a quest of the young knight to deliver queen Guenièvre, who had been kidnapped by the villain Méléagant. In this quest, Lancelot had to go through many trials and made many sacrifices. This paralleled Zig-Zag’s story: he had to go through grueling trials to reach his position, and his first mission was to rescue Belial’s input who had been kidnapped by a rival gang… This looked like destiny to ZZ, and he embraced the code of chivalry described in the book.

Restriction: Cannot break one’s word. Cannot harm the innocent. Must not allow art or beauty to come to harm.
While chivalry might famously be dead in most of the modern world, the elves of Tír Tairngire have always had a love of all things romantic and musty. The ideals of the elven paladin run thick in that nation, and via assorted media sources and elf posing, have spread out to large swaths of the world, recycling something old into something new. Key aspects of the code are to protect the motherland (the exact elven homeland varies, of course), to obey the elven crown, to always keep one’s word as sacrosanct, to be generous and noble, and to fight against evil and injustice. Many true believers add romantic overtones to this, such as humility, an aspiration to personal purity, and an appreciation of all things artistic and beautiful. The loyalty aspects are somewhat more transitory, with some pledging to defend a specific someone as a bodyguard unto death (or beyond), while others accept the leadership of an elven gang as a “crown in exile,” as long as said gang “Prince” upholds the core beliefs.

He was pretty good at his job (thwarting several assassination attempts on Belial), but the code was eventually Zig-Zag’s demise with the Ancients. One day, Belial asked ZZ to kill the family of a Humanis leader. That included his wife and four children. The code was clear: do not harm the innocent. When faced with the dilemma, ZZ killed the Humanis man, but couldn’t finish the job. This brought shame to both ZZ and Ebelel, his mentor. Belial told ZZ that he had not use for a Paladin who couldn’t follow orders, no matter what they were. He had a choice: stay with the Ancients as a low ranking member, or quit the group altogether. Rather than facing shame, ZZ chose to quit the gang and had no other option but become a Shadowrunner. What other occupation could fit his special set of skills anyway?

Zig Zag

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