The Plastic Jungle

Shallow water

GM Summary

The crowd had begun to thin as if the wound of this fight between Alien and Crusher was still bleeding. Flit, frustrated she hadn’t found the Geisha, was beginning to think she had gotten away.

There is no way she could have gone this way, she thought. The hallway wasn’t wide enough to hide any longer.
As ZigZag approached, he indicated he hadn’t seen her either.

How the Fuck! Zigzag murmurs. Just then Zigzag see’s a small hairy hand wave. It was the dwarf ZZ placed his drink on.
Ah, shit. Here we go, thought Zigzag. A dead dwarf but no job payday. Maybe I should have just not answered Odin’s call. Whatever, the payday is good. ZZ just noticed it wasn’t the dwarves whole hand he was waving. It was just one finger.

fuck off pal! You should have put your money on Crusher!

ZZ wonders quickly, if he has the time to toss the dwarf, but thoughts of nuyen brought him back to, “Where the F… did she go?”

Echo wanders with the crowd trying to keep pace with the Orc body Guards heading towards another exit. She spots Ruin and they move in unison trying to keep pace.

Massad is our only link to the pay data right now. Echo thinks. Maybe he can give us some clues as to who shot at him? If he’s alive that is…

The over display of tactical location lets Zigzag and Flit know where Ruin and Echo are. Just as Flit pauses to change tactics he is drawn to the familiar Geisha color. He turns ready… and spots the falling outfit. whirling ahead, being tossed off several patrons was the dress the girl on Massad’s arm wore. Flit grabbed it and out fell a black wig.

Shit, it was a disguise.


Dude, your image shows a Chinese outfit, but Geisha is a Japanese thing!!

Just kidding around, Quan. Thanks for the update.

Maybe that force 8 (!) spirit of man I summoned tonight can help. I’m hoping that it can find the Geisha as s/he exits to street level.

Shallow water
quanhill quanhill

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