The Plastic Jungle

Ch 5 Decision Points
as seen by Ruin...

Penny Bantalore contacted Flit, Ruin, and Davina about a run. We were sent to an Ork bar in the barrens to meet Mr. Johnson. The ork staff and patrons treated us 3 humans quite rudely. We met Mr. Johnson, who we later found out had a sawed off shotgun trained on us the whole time.

Mr. Johnson needed us to do recon work. Our task was to find out the contents of 3 shipping containers that would either be on a docked boat or in a warehouse next to the boat. He’d provide “overwatch” via drones.

After this meeting Flit dealt with some personal business and had a run in with Ancients. Davina and Ruin stayed at the bar and saw Diamond Eyes and a gang of Kabuki Ronin causing a commotion. Ruin recorded some of what the KR were boasting to Diamond Eyes. He doesn’t know Japanese and needs to get it translated.

The runners met in front of a krispy kreme shop near the docks and approached the target. Davina did a stealthy recon of the situation and Ruin astrally projected and checked out the boat. We found out there were 2 people in the boat’s control tower and 10 below decks. We reconvened and came up with a plan to enter.

Ruin turned Davina invisible while he astrally projected and followed her, keeping her invisible the whole time. Flit stayed back and watched Ruin’s body and kept an eye on the boat. Davina boarded the boat and found one of the shipping containers below decks. Ruin determined that one of the normal seeming humans on the 2nd deck was actually an aspected mage who was masking his aura.

Mr. Johnson warned us of several vehicles approaching.

Flit caused a distraction with grenades and gunfire, Davina added to the distraction with a flashbang. The approaching vehicles were scared away. Then Davina opened the shipping container and photographed the contents: brushes and tubes.

Davina slipped past the distracted boat crew and headed to the warehouse where the other 2 shipping containers were. None of the crew had a clue where she was except one guy, who shot her at close range with his pistol, giving her 6 stun damage and a nasty bruise on her torso.

She made it to the warehouse and got to work opening and looking inside the 2 other shipping containers. Ruin called in a few spirits to distract the boat crew and join in the fight. Flit picked off several sailors at long range with her rifle. The aspected magician ripped apart Ruin’s spirit of man with several lightning bolts. Ruin’s spirit of fire BBQ kept the boat crew inside the warehouse busy, causing several to run away in fear.

Davina dodged dozens of bullets blindly fired at her and finally got both containers open and photographed. One had more brushes and a vat of chemicals. Eventually there were only 2 sailors left, who surrendered. Davina had them drop their weapons and go prone. The group hastily made their exit, leaving behind most of the boat crew dead or afraid.

Mr. Johnson arranged to meet teh group back at the ork bar. The runners were paid 3000 nuyen each, and gained 3 karma.

karma Reward

Each player gains an extra 5 karma spendable immediately. For 5 more karma, post on your characters bio a description of how you spent any karma during month downtime. Please keep to 50 words or less.

For item sales that is a game time, setup dice roll.

For item purchases your Negotiation + Charisma [social} vs. Availability = delivery time (you roll)

or ,

your suited contact who gets Negotiation + Charisma [social} plus their connection rating vs. Availability = delivery time ( I roll)

Delivery time over 100,000 nuyen =1 month

Thule 10 karma bonus
Ruin 10 karma bonus

Ch 4 Renraku North America
The Escape, Part one

The game started with a bang! The dragon, now found out to be a young LT on an unknown specific task, attacked the Red Samurai and the security. As the players contemplated running through the fence surrounding the compound, some saw Templar rushing to join them. However, as soon as he passed through a series of partially invisible force fields that sealed the gap between the pillars around the compound.
Templar sprinted to the group as they ran inside the Arcology. Ruin was trying to escape through the courtyard as well when an overwhelming sense came over him. At the same time he had a flash back about where he had been while astral in Renraku Asia. Struggling, he remembered the event that had been wiped from his mind and planned to share with the group. Something else had a hold of him at that moment. He then ran to the Arcology being checked out by Renraku Security as he passed. They were a bit busy at the moment. Once inside the team fought off urges to do anything but leave the way they came in. They escaped and headed towards the dock. Finally ready to leave NY. Templar suddenly informed the team he had business at the Police Department. What? The team advised him to drop them off at the dock first. They waited for his return. 10:15 he should have returned. Instead Ruin got a call. “There’s security inbound!” As the team prepped for the encounter, watching the screen as Templar showed all the movements as it happened. The team encountered security as they stepped out of their cars to attack Templar opened suppressive fire from the roof of his rig. The battle ensued and Ruin’s Earth Spirit attacked the cars. Tal dropped a physical barrier to block their attacks. Ruin then dropped a Toxic Wave on them. The security was clearly out matched so the Rover backed out and took off. Backing all the way down the street, Templar had a shot and took it nearly killing the driver out right. That’s when the stakes got higher and the Rover fired a missile at the Bulldog Templar was riding on. He avoided the blast but the Bulldog took most of the damage. It was on drivable and had to be left on the dock as the team escaped just as the NYPD and Knight Errant arrived. That’s when the team disagreed over the gear found. Back in Renton the team met with the nervous Johnson. He checked the door twice and then asked. “Did you guys make sure you weren’t followed?”

Ch 4, Renraku North America

The team armed with a door key from Kuro Ineki, are ready to infiltrate Renraku. Contacts in New York gave Ruin the heads up about the old subway tunnels as a way to enter the Renraku Arcology. They encountered some Devil Rats in the tunnels but, handled by Tal with a proper Physical Barrier. As they entered the Arcology, Grappler began to feel an over whelming urge to check out a part of the Arcology. He was held back by the group. The background count was high until Davina opened the door and they entered the compound and began to cross the court yard towards Renraku Asia. they got to the back door and easily entered. Tal conned the front guards and they let the team up to Kuro’s office on the 3rd floor. This time when they encountered the patrol one of them just couldn’t let it go. He didn’t believe what the disguise team was presenting. However, Tal and the teams con was solid. Down to the I.D.Tal presented him. He wanted to catch them but, just did not have a reason. Thule guy down to business and searched the computer. The rest of the team searched the room and found a safe under the desk.
Ruin thought the time would be good to search on the astral. He returned shortly having found nothing. After not finding much more info they moved on to Renraku North America. Thule got to show off his good skills with a timely hack to get through the front scanners.And then once again when the team reached Alicia Meadows office. There Tal and Ruin coordinated to take the Ward off the door. As they entered they noticed more guards here with drones patrolling the area. Though Thule is no sneak, and his nervous energy almost got the team caught, his hacking helped get them more info about Weaver. The team found another safe in this room and collected quite a bit of Renraku script. Also a Commlink and a gun. Plus lots of Nova Coke. They gathered up and decided it was time to go. And it almost went that smoothly. Until they reached the courtyard and the silent alarm went off as the dragon dropped from the sky…

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