The Plastic Jungle

Flit's Farewell

The group was settled in at the Cathode Glow. Zig was scoping the outside of the building. Ruin was assensing the location. Echo was busy reviewing video footage trying to track down the geisha girl. Each was processing the loss of Flit in their own way. Suddenly a group call started to blip on the com and Flit’s name appeared on the caller id. With a sense of trepidation, the group answered the call.

After a brief moment, Flit’s face appeared on the screen, Flit’s real face. Not one of the many disguises she had started to wear, but the face of the real Flit the group rarely saw. She smiled into the camera.

“Hey everybody, I guess I ‘bought the farm’ as the old saying goes. Every runner knows that any run can be their last, and I suspect every runner has a message like this set up for their loved ones.” Flit paused after saying loved ones. She looked off camera with a slight furrowing of the brows. After a few seconds, she flinched and seemed to come back to herself and a wry grin spread across her face.

“So yeah, let’s get down to business. I have a few thoughts and gifts for each of you.”

“Hey, Echo. You’re one cool chick. I wish we had a chance to hang out together outside of runs. We could have tore up the town. But hey, living out in Tacoma is crazy sister. I want you to have my apartment, just make sure you hit the clubs once in a while, especially Club Sapphire. Let em know I sent you. They will treat you like a queen!” A message popped up in Echo’s AR feed with a digital code to access Flit’s apartment in Touristville. “Anyway, I hope you like the new digs.”

“Ruin. You dirty old man! You were always there for me when I needed some quick cash. I hope this pays you back.” Ruin’s comm beeped and a message popped up indicating a transfer of funds. 10,000 ¥ appeared in Ruin’s bank account. “Also, I hope this small memento will help you to remember me the way I want to be remembered.” Flit winked at the camera. A small folder appeared on Ruin’s comlink entitled “Flit’s Nudes”.

“Zig Zag…hey man. I know we didn’t always understand each other. I know you think I’m a pyscho bitch…and hey, I probably am. I wish I had your sense of….I don’t know, honor, I guess. Anyway, I have a bottle of wine I was saving for a special occasion. I want you to have it. Go to the storage unit at 1st Metro Saving and Loans. I have a safe deposit box there. The box is password protected as “Finer Days”. I hope you enjoy it."

“Well, folks. That’s it for me. Running with you all was the highlight of my career. Good luck in the future.” After a last wink and grin, the message ended and the screen faded to black.


Wow, great write-up! If ZZ’s tear ducts hadn’t been sealed when he had his eyes replaced with Chrome, he’d be crying right now. The others and I will drink that fine wine on rooftop of the space needle, and toast in your honor.

As soon as time allows, ZZ will add a tattoo to his collection: “Psycho Bitch”

Flit's Farewell

Ruin is deeply moved by the parting gift from Flit. As a bonus he might get some use out of the 10,000 nuyen too!

Flit's Farewell
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