The Plastic Jungle

Honoring My Teacher

Ruin's Thoughts

As soon as the girl mentioned Hong Kong my head started spinning.

Talus, that foul demon, originally told me he wanted me to go to Hong Kong to fetch a tome for him. He refused to pull any strings to help get the team and me to HK, and told me to work it out myself.

Now, days later, we were in possession of a tome, but we got it in Seattle, not HK. And we sold it instead of acquiring it.


It’s like the pieces are all there as Talus said they would be, but they’re out of order and scrambled. Much like one of those word puzzles Shen used to use to teach me conjuring. Once you unscramble the meaning of the words and rearrange them, suddenly portals to other planes open up. In my case, though, I’m feeling the need to close a few portals.

Talus says he wants to be my teacher, but I have a hard time believing him. He dangles magical secrets in front of me to tempt me, but I am not a donkey who plays the carrot and stick game. As far as I’m concerned he’s more of a mugger than a mentor. I do want the secrets he’s offering, but he could just be lying about offering them. I know demons well enough to not trust blindly. I won’t be enslaved as I saw my teacher enslaved before me. I won’t honor the memory of my teacher Shen by falling into the same trap he did.


Street cred 7
Notoriety 3
Public Awareness 3


quanhill cityrat

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