The Plastic Jungle

Never let friends sleep over

Echo's perspective

I get now why his street name is Ruin. His stupid demon trashed my place. I had that apartment for less than five months. When things get that ugly, I just split the scene. Why stick around and wait for Knight Errant to show up? Sure, I could bluff my way through a statement, but I’d rather there be no evidence I was involved. A year from now I won’t even remember what name I used to rent the place.

Instead of making the exchange Odin hired us for, we just sold the item he gave us with nothing in return for him. I still want to work in this town, so we have to make this right somehow. Hong Kong sounds cool. Lots of work for runners there, or so I am told. I’ll have to let Mom know I’ll be “on vacation” and that I’ll get getting a new apartment.

  • Human female seeking room for rent. Must have access to low-noise grid. I’m rarely at home, and when I am, I’m usually quiet in my room. I have no pets but love cats and dogs. I won’t pass a background check, but I am happy to pay first and last up front. I prefer roommates who are tidy, non-smokers, mute, and asexual. No weirdos.


Ruin is sincerely sorry for the damages to your home and is quick to point out that the demon isn’t his. “It’s a stalker! I want nothing to do with the thing!”

Never let friends sleep over
quanhill DJD

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