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News from May 2074

Local 2 Morning News

Local- Seattle has been in turmoil as of late. With the Ancients increasing their presence on the Southern Freeways and local Knight Errant showing more force, it’s a wonder how anything is going unseen. A search is still on for the copy cat Green River Killer. With 15 known missing people of the evening even the Underworld is starting to care. Latest rumor is that some of these workers have been sought out over the Matrix.

Coming into the Summer there has been an unusual amount of rainfall. We are 30 days straight and counting. Glow City and the Barrens have begun to smell as bad as it looks. The number of rat attacks and other creatures has increased.

Regional-With the destruction of the nuclear plant in Mt. Rainier there has been good and bad news.
The Good: locals are happy this pollutant is gone and can’t wait for the Earth to be returned to it’s natural state. The local Native tribes have begun to negotiate with Shiawase Atomics to clean up the waste from the explosion and create a natural habitat.
The Bad: Shiawase has put out a 100k reward for info leading to the capture or arrest of those involved in the explosion. They are willing to share some recovered info with anyone with a lead. Also discovered was a living toxic dragon and what appeared to be his kin. Found in the rubble of the explosion was a corpse of a young toxic dragon. Video footage released after the event shows an adult Toxic Dragon slaughtering many manifested entities who came to feed on Mana during the Yearly magical storm that passes over the area. It shows the beast heading towards Seattle. No sight of it since that day.

World: Hong Kong has experienced similar events as the trail of the Dragon has begun to light up on more days recently. Several doomsday mages have predicted that a Toxic Dragon could challenge the most powerful dragons in the world. No responses from Lung or Lwofyr have been noted.


Awesome stuff! I don’t like that 100,000¥ reward at all…

News from May 2074
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