The Plastic Jungle

ZigZag's perspective

My word is my bond

ZZ is ambivalent about going to HK to recover the artifact and catch the thief.

On one side he has given his word to Odin that he would recover this item, and ZZ’s honor code dictates he should do it no matter the cost. He is not revengeful, but he’d sure like to best the thief, especially after all the paces she made the group go through. That much effort to lose us means the item she stole is very important, and therefore worth a lot…

On the other hand it’s definitely outside his comfort zone, and it’s probably cost more money than bring some, unless we can get Djinn to pay for some of it.

So in the end, ZZ’s vote is to go to HK and recover the goods.

According to Herolab:
Street cred: 3
Notoriety: 2
Public awareness: 0


quanhill booga

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