The Plastic Jungle

Flit's Perspective

I hear they have good food in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong huh? Never been, but I hear they have some good eats there. It might be interesting. I hear the Lo Mai Gai is to die for.

We’ve certainly had the run around for a relatively simple and low paying job. I got the chance to shoot some people, so that’s a win. Still, for being a quick and easy favor this is turning into a lot of work. If we can find cheap travel to Hong Kong I guess it might be worth going. I do owe that fracking bitch of a thief a beatdown for complicating my life….plus Lo Mai Gai!

street cred: 4
notoriety: 2
Public Awareness: 1


(out of character: I did some research and it looks like the official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English…so language may not be as much of an issue…unless Hong Kong changed their languages in the Shadowrun universe)


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