The Plastic Jungle

Twas just a delivery job they said...

Right after the Sheik’s incident, Fleet and I exit the club. Fleet tries to track the “geisha” but can’t find anything relevant (there’s too many people here for that). I run ahead through the crowd but cannot find her either (if it’s really a woman…). That’s a dead end, he/she’s gone for good and we don’t even know what he/she looks like.

Echo and Ruin try to approach Massad, but they are rebuked by the Orc bodyguards. One of the orcs throws however a cheap commlink at Echo and tells her to wait for a call. Ruin tries to use his astral sense to find the assassin, but comes back empty handed and quite freaked out: he saw the spirit that had been stalking him for a while (looks like a nasty gorilla he says). He then sends two of his spirits to search for the geisha, to no avail. The exiting crowd is being funnelled by the police. We are scanned by drones, only Echo’s SIN is triggering an alarm. She is taken out of the crowd, a detective talks with her. I don’t know what they say, but he finds her gun, confiscates it and gives her a business card with a smile. Pig…

Ruin feels a gun stabbed in his back: it belongs to one of the Vori captains we already met before, telling him he should have come to the meet with the Terminator… Ruin yells “gun” and gets away from the gun. The Vori switches gear, trying to avoid attention from the Law, and tells he has a job for us, and that we should call him. As he moves away from us with his bodyguards, I tell him that first he should remove the bounty on our heads, then we’ll talk. He agrees, but I don’t believe one word coming out of his mouth.

We gather at my car while the spirits keep searching. Echo starts doing some Matrix research about Massad, but does not find anything of interest at first. The Commlink that was given to us can only receive calls, so we “just” have to wait. We however pickup the kimono that the fake Geisha dropped when escaping, with the name of a place named “Cathode Glow” on a label. The kimono is nice quality and the wig is tailored made. The Cathode glow: it is a tech shop in Echo’s part of town. We go to Echo’s apartment to rest. She searches the Matrix for information about Massad. We turn off the loaned commlink’s wireless mode. The phone suddenly rings: it’s the orc bodyguard, who wants to see us. We learn that the item Massad had was indeed stolen by the Geisha. He wants us to meet him at the Seattle Hilton hotel. We decide to do that after some rest.

At 5:30 am, after only a couple hours of sleep, Echo’s apartment alarm rings. Some of us wake us instantly. Fleet shoots instinctively toward the apparition in the flat: a giant gorilla with horns and bat wings. It seems very angry at Ruin. It somehow summons a wave of fear: Ruin, Fleet and I can only think to get away from that thing, only Echo manages to keep her cool. Ruin summons two of his spirits (a water spirit and a spirit of man). Battle ensues. I am useless, keeping a defensive position in the bathtub, aiming at the door for anything showing up. Alas the first person approaching is Fleet. I shoot her in the chest. Fortunately the armor blocked the bullet and will only leave a nasty bruise on her chest. Fleet then joins me in the tub and that all we wrote. Another wave of fear cripples us: Fleet and I are now catatonic in the tub, Echo still has her sheet together. The spirits keep fighting the invader, I have no idea what is happening. Fleet and I are holding each other’s hand in the bathtub while hearing the terrible battle in the next room. Walls shake, furniture is shattered. On the other side, Ruin fights for his life as the evil spirit tries to drain his magical power with a terrifying bear hug. Ruins desperately shoots a mana bolt at point blank and disables his opponent. The astral creature collapses. We know if it is no dead and will come back. We learn that this creature is actually demonic.

Echo decides to move out of the apartment before we get too much attention. She packs her stuff (not much) into a few boxes and duffel bags, then we load the car as the car sirens get closer. We then head toward Fleet’s home, where Echo is planning on moving for the time being. We figure that we’ll catch some sleep before going to the Hilton in the morning. On the way to Fleet’s place, Ruin explains that the demonic being was angry at him he had told us that the Ape wanted him to find a magical book in Hong Kong. While we rest, Echo is pulling some information about Djinn Massad. Rich guys from Dubai, owns two islands. Friend with the Hilton. Likes to bet lotta money on illegal pit fights. When seen with a woman, it’s typically a Geisha. His dad is an avid collector of artifacts. Before we leave to meet Djinn Jr, Ruin takes another look at the book: it’s got a ward, it’s a power focus.

Arriving to the Hotel, we leave our vehicles at the valet parking. Security refuses to let me upstairs if I have my Katana on me. This somehow rubs me the wrong way, I ask them to talk to our host and explain the situation. They are not willing to do so, and I refuse to back down. This leads to a Mexican standoff for a little little (my teammates do not understand my resolution). Fact is, no one touches my sword except my paladin mentor and I. Civilians just don’t get this. To avoid any further conflict, I hand off the book to Fleet, and the three others go upstairs while I stay in the smoking room, a guard keeping an eye on me. When their reach the hotel’s top floor (Massad has a penthouse there), I lose all radio connection with them. That does not sound right.

Upstairs, the others are stripped of their weapons by the orc security. They then meet Massad, who offers to just buy the book from them since he doesn’t have his part of the bargain anymore. He agrees to pay 20,000 ¥ each for the book and information to fin the geisha. This way we may be able to find the item and be paid by Odin as well if we recover it. Massad reminds my group that he doesn’t want to looking for the stolen package).

While I wait for them, I am stunned as I noticed a woman which looks a lot like our Geisha-thief! She has two men with her, checks in and goes to the second floor of the building. As my peeps arrive I explain what I saw. Echo starts hacking the hotel’s host to get her exact location. We try to book a room, but it’s all booked. Fleet tries to sneak into the service floors to reach the second floor, then settles in a small lounge near the elevator, pretending to play on his commlink. Echo accesses the hotel’s data storage. The footage indicates that the woman went to room 232, then left 5 minutes later with the three men. Asking questions to the valet parking, it seems they took an Airport shuttle a few minutes ago an seemed in a hurry.
We recover our vehicles and head over to the Tacoma Airport at top speed. Ruin sends his spirit to scan the freeways to the airport for these people. As we barrel down the highway, a cop intercepts us. The combined charm of Echo and Ruin, combined with the auspicious arrival of Fleet’s bike at full speed, allows me to avoid a fine. Ruin’s spirits finally find our quarry: they are not heading for the airport, they are going toward the West, most likely the docks! I exit the highway and head through nice neighborhoods as fast as I can, so does Fleet.

We finally arrive at the dock, and spot a seaplane preparing to takeoff. Two persons are on the dock next to the airplane. Ruin summons two spirits (Trident and Strider), but our opponent counters with two invisible spirits of his own. An invisible war begins between these supernatural beings. Fleet arrives on the docks first and starts shooting. Mon my car, Ruin casts Toxic Wave and tries both of the plane’s prop engines. It is now dead in the water, a few feet from the peer.

Suddenly a giant feline appears on my hood, obviously one of our opponents’ spirits. I try to shoot a burst of my SMG at point blank in its guts but the bullets bounce off its armor! It then breaths a cloud of poison gas into the car. Ruin and I wear our ballistic masks with gas masks and are immune to the attack, but Echo is very sick and nauseated.

One of the people inside the plane shoots a full burst at Trident, taking it down. The water spirit discorporates. I get rid of the spirit on my hood by executing a spectacular bootleg turn. The creature ends up in the sea, Ruin and I finish it.

We take over the plane and find the young asian woman I had spotted at the Hilton. She explains under duress that she was hired to be a decoy! The real thief has flown abroad while we were chasing the wrong woman. At first the girl refuses to say where her boss has gone, a few threats have her spill the beans: Honk Kong. Disappointingly, Fleet recoursed to torture, shooting the poor girl’s kneecap after being told not to cut her pinky off. Strangely, she then offered to pay for the knee replacement… Some people just can’t handle Kamikaze I guess.

Well, what then? Is it worth going to HK just to get a freaking book to return to Odin. We did promise to do that for him, so not doing so would be a black mark on our reputation. Still, that’s a long way just for 6000 or 9000 ¥. And when we’re there, finding that person will be very difficult. Only Echo speaks Chinese, and I don’t think the knows the right dialect for the region. Plus, we’ll all be outsiders over there, on an unknown turf. I don’t like this at all…


Thanks for the writeup. Two things Ruin remembers slightly differently:

The Vory put their guns to Flit’s back, and Flit yelled “GUN!” to get the attention of the Knight Errant, acting as if there was a panic. The Vory encouraged us to meet with them, but never said they’d get rid of the price on our heads til after we meet.

Ruin was born in SF Chinatown, and his first language is Cantonese. He’s not fluent, but he definitely speaks enough to get around in Hong Kong.

Thanks for the quick and thorough writeup, Franck / Zig Zag!


I’m not so sure the Vory ever put a bounty on our heads. I think Bogart was lying.

Echo speaks Mandarin, which is the primary language of China. However, the primary language in Hong Kong is English, then Cantonese, with a minority speaking Mandarin. We probably speak enough to get around.

We do need to evaluate if we really want to go to Hong Kong. We sold the book to Massad, but it was not ours to sell. Can we get more money for the job? Free transport from Massad? How much is that package really worth? Maybe Odin does not know, but he knows someone who does (or he knows a guy who knows a guy…).


A proved and for sticking to character about your sword! One karma.

Total 3 karma and a burnable edge


Cool, thanks Quan !

Thanks for the corrections about language, I didn’t realize we had that many sinophiles in the group (and I had forgotten that Ruin was actually asian. Duh, the Lo-Pan picture should have been a hint).

quanhill booga

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